Shipyard worthy of UNESCO

The Gdańsk Shipyard is deemed the cradle of the independent self-governing trade union solidarity [pol. Solidarność]. It is the place where people peacefully changed the fate of Europe and the world, and the place of a unique industrial heritage that bears witness to the century-long development of the shipbuilding industry in the city. We want the Gdańsk Shipyard to remain a site of heritage, solidarity and freedom, and of creative energy that would move hearts and minds by giving hope for a better future. We want this place to connect the genius loci with the spirit of time in a harmonious way by offering the experience of the past while affording the opportunity of sustainable development.

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The cultural significance

The cultural significance od the former Gdańsk Shipyard goes beyond national borders and is of fundamental importance for present and future generations. The history od the shipyard was intextricably linked to the universal international political and economic history and scientific and technical progress.

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The Gdańsk Shipyard – the birthplace of “Solidarity” and a symbol of the Fall of the Iron Curtain in Europe – is a unique area with Outstanding Universal Value, whose preservation for everyone and forever is our common privilege, duty and great responsibility.

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