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Retro newspaper – former Shipyard workers memories about strike 1980

We are looking at the Gdańsk Shipyard through the lives ordinary people – heroes, whose courage and determination have become the driving force behind historical changes. Thanks to their solidarity divisions fell and Poland and the world changed in a peaceful way forever.

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We based our story on accounts of former Shipyard workers obtained courtesy of the European Solidarity Centre, the Solidarity Heritage Institute, the Guardians of Gdańsk Shipyard Remembrance Association, the City Culture Institute in Gdańsk, Metropolitanka group and the Arteria Association.

We supplemented our story with photos found in private archives, collections of the European Solidarity Centre, and the works of Gdańsk photographers and reporters, including Zbigniew and Maciej Kosycarz – father and son. Zbigniew documented the history of the Coast throughout his life. Maciej Kosycarz was a famous figure in the Tri-City. He photographed since he was a child. In 1996, he set up the Kosycarz Foto Press (KFP) photo agency, which is still a much respected source of photography, appreciated both in the country and abroad.

Let us give the floor to the former workers of the Gdańsk Shipyard, who in August 1980 took up the fight for freedom for each of us. We strongly encourage you to make yourself familiar with their personal recollections.

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